About voice sound therapy

Hello and welcome,

I have a Diploma in Voice Sound Therapy and Holistic Voice Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, BAST. The course covers a broad range of learnings and experiences in a variety of modalities using voice. This includes relaxing and therapeutic voice baths, a variety of interactive vocal games and exercises to help align your whole system, and vocal improvisation as art and self expression for fun, health and balance. Voice and sound is used as a therapeutic and transformation tool, and is very powerful. 



A little about me.

For the past thirty years Ive worked closely with people in my community through arts/ multi media grant projects, as well as teaching singing, recording, songwriting, art and video, in schools, with elderly citizens and special needs people as well as youth and privately at home in my studio. Ive found working with music and especially the voice to be a very powerful transformational process for people. I’ve been searching to further my skills as a musician, singer and teacher for some time and have finally found a course that offers a diverse range of therapeutic skills I can combine into what I already do. I believe the creative arts to be a wonderful tool to help us on our journey to wholeness. 


What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy works on the principle that at the fundamental level we are energy, we are not solid matter at all. Sound being vibration in its energetic state, can travel through our body or energy system. The sound  gently bathes the body at a cellular level releasing blocked energy. Please see testimonials for people’s experience’s.

Nicky works with her husband Pete as a musician to see their music go to .........


For more info go to  www.singingyourtruenature.com