VOICE BATH: 1 hour.

A voice bath treatment is a relaxing experience where you will either lie down or sit as I sing a combination of vowel tonal sounds and over tone sounds.  At the end of the voice bath chimes and percussion are used to help ground your energy. The BAST method of voice bath helps the system to balance itself by releasing the denser energy that can hold the body in an unhealthy state. During a voice bath, the brain gets a chance to experience no thought as it is focused on the sound. The brain shifts into Theta brain waves. The brain uses this state to exercise itself, rather like working out muscles to make them stronger and to release over all tension. In this state your brain cells reset their sodium/potassium levels.  A brief period of Theta (5 to 15 min) a day will restore the ratio to normal, resulting in mental refreshment. Please see testimonials for people’s experience’s.




The same as above but with reflection. 

The BAST method combines sound with reflection which takes us deeper into our personal healing journey. 

At BAST we work in a people-centred way and therefore we do not attempt to judge, manipulate or affect the outcome of a session. Our professional judgement, skills and techniques create a container within which an individual may see themselves and their process more clearly.  Through reflection and enquiry we aim to facilitate the ‘process’ within ‘an other’.